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When extra weight creeps up to the point that we notice our changing shape we have some easy options to restore ourselves a slim lean body.


A common cause of excess weight is being too generous with sweetened food and carbohydrates.

Refined sugar, for example, is almost entirely carbohydrates, and refined flour products such as bread are also high carbohydrates food.

To start an effective D.I.Y. weight loss plan consider reducing our sweet food and refined flour intake. Targeted foods include Bagels, Pasta, Cakes, Cookies, and all Candies! Other high carbohydrate food to consider reducing are Potato products such as French Fries.

Eat Seafood

A diet approach to weight loss should not be stressful so although small lifestyle changes such as exercise and reducing carbohydrates are part of a D.I.Y. weight loss plan we need to balance those changes with an increase in protein, fresh vegetables, and adequate sleep.

Protein from fish, sea-food, chicken, eggs, duck and similar fowl food are okay for your weight loss plan.

Be sure to eat plenty of fresh salad vegetables like lettuce, radish, tomatoes, and fresh fruit most of which provide essential enzymes and vital minerals but only a few calories. Exceptions are very sweet fruit such as ripe bananas and dates.

Brisk Walking Exercise

Exercise will burn carbohydrates so walking rather than driving short distances will be beneficial for weight loss. Brisk walking is better than a slow stroll. Aim for at least 20 minutes brisk walking daily.

Reasonably fit people who are a tad overweight may like an Interval Training approach to maximize weight loss. Walk at a very brisk speed whilst swinging the arms. Do this for 30-40 seconds and then slow down and allow your heart to adjust. Repeat this maybe 5-6 times but take care to not stress your heart.

Weight Loss Supplements

Cutting out the sugars and increasing exercise will have an impact on your weight loss but there are dietary supplements available that will give you more weigh loss for the same amount of effort.

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